What is in cigarette tobacco


Cigarette tobacco contains over 4000 types of chemical substances, Including 43 chemicals known to cause cancer, as well as more than 400 other toxic compounds.

Ingredients contained in cigarettes include nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT).

Cigarette tobacco contains nicotine inhaled into the lungs, and the nicotine within six seconds will enter the brain.

In large doses, nicotine can block the flow of signals in the brain cells. In larger doses of nicotine is a deadly poison that influences the heart, bloodstream and hormones.

Although today many cigarettes use a filter, it is not enough for the make cigarettes safer. Because it is only a Marketing Ploy to trick you to think that you are safe inhale cigarette filters.

In addition to nicotine,  cigarette tobacco contain over 4000 different types of chemicals, here are some of the chemicals contained in cigarettes:
1. Urea:
Substances contained in the urine, roommates useful for inks, paints, Fertilizers and more. Urea is also found in cigarette.

2. Cinnamaldehyde:
why dogs and cats do not smoke? Because, cigarettes Contain cinnamaldehyde, toxic materials in dogs and cats

3. Toluene:
This gasoline to run a car, people do not drink gasoline, gasoline Clearly Because toxic. One or substance called toluene, were also present on dynamite and cigarettes.

4. Geraniol:
Geraniol is the active ingredient in pesticides; deadly substance is also present in cigarette.

5. Formalin:
This material is commonly used to preserve frogs, butterflies, different kinds of insects, to the body. Formalin is also in cigarettes.

6. Sodium Hydroxide:
Who used the armpit or leg hair remover hot and cheesy whipped undoubtedly afternoon. In medicine, it contained sodium hydroxide. This substance is also embedded in cigarettes.

7. Acetic acid:
Floor cleaner contains acetic acid. Smoking is also not to be outdone.

8. Naphthalin:
Deodorizer ball's clothing substances containing toxic substances naphthalin

9. Asetanisol:
Perfumes Contain chemicals asetanisol. Where else's substance there huh? Yes, there are in cigarettes.

10. Hydrogen Cyanide:
Rat poison can kill because there is content of hydrogen cyanide. Smoking also Contain this ingredient.

11. Hydrazine:
Equation aircraft and rocket engines and cigarettes are both Contain hydrazine. In rocket fuel hydrazine contained in.

12. Acetone:
Known as the liquid acetone nail polish remover. Hazardous chemicals are also present in cigarette.

13. Cadmium:
Battery is useful for running different types of toys. However, you can move without batteries. Cadmium is a toxic substance contained in the battery, also residing in cigarette.

14. Polonium 210:
A former Russian spy killed by rare radioactive isotope Polonium -210 is using. This substance is also present in  cigarette tobacco.

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