Nine Foods that Can Make Addiction


Tips for healthy life- Certain foods can cause a surge of dopamine if consumed in excess. Dopamine can improve mood, so this may put you at risk of food addiction.

Here are nine lists of foods that can cause food addiction, as quoted from prevention, among others:
Foods that Can Make Addiction

1. Ice cream
Ice cream is a favorite food many people with diverse flavors and refreshing, so it is not surprising that the ice cream has the effect of addictive or makes you addicted.

However, based on research, high consumption of the processed foods as ice cream may reduce one's attractiveness to other foods that are also refreshing, like a watermelon. This happens because the high level of consumption of ice cream has shifted hedonic brain.

2. Candy
Mark Gold, MD, a researcher from the University of Florida, has been researching about food addiction for 30 years. He found that babies who are exposed to in the womb sweets make children like sweets foods, such as candy.
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3. French fries
Fried potatoes will make it fat, but it is usually served with fries salty taste is addictive. In addition to causing food addiction, the fries were not processed to properly contain high levels of carcinogen's acrylamide.

4. Brown
A study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology found that chocolate addicts identified as having a physical response, behavioral, and emotional, which is similar to drug addicts. This can happen if you eat chocolate excessively.

5. Cookies
According to a study, eating cookies can spoil the brain and increases the production of the hormone dopamine, which increases the sensation of pleasure. So many people are addicted to eating cookies.

6. Chips
Usually fried chips that will contain high-fat salty taste that makes you cannot stop eating chips.

7. Cake
Cakes can lead to food addiction because a cream containing high levels of sugar usually covers it. Eating sweets that too much have been linked to obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome disorders.

8. Sinker
Experts think that the sugar which may cause the donuts to be one addictive foods. Research has shown that every time a rat eating donuts in bulk, dopamine is released.
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"It is not normal because of the increased dopamine sudden usually only triggered using drugs," said study author Dr. Nicole Avena PhD, a neuroscientist and addiction to food.

9. White Bread
White bread is made from refined flour, which is high in nutrients, different as wheat bread rich in fiber and vitamins. Research shows the consumption of white bread can also affect food addiction.

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